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A New Mascot

Bijgewerkt op: 13 jul. 2019

The Belgian Red Devils has become one of the best football teams in the world. But while many other teams have a mascot, this team doesn’t! mortierbrigade and ING, in conjunction with the KBVB (Royal Belgian Football Association), intend to change this with a new campaign in which Belgians are asked to design a mascot for the national football team. The campaign is being launched today with a video featuring the Red Devils, Jeroom Snelders and Maureen Louys.

In the video, which is already doing the rounds on social media, the players use humour to convey the fact that they could use some help in designing their official mascot. With this co-creation campaign, the mascot will be conceived by everyone and chosen by the fans and players.

The campaign consists of a range of phases and is being guided by Maureen Louys and cartoonist Jeroom Snelders. This duo will support the campaign in different ways and at various times.

All Belgians were welcome to submit their creations.

And not only the Red Devils are winners, the mascotte won a Best of Brand Activation Award in 2019.


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