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Chocolate Nation, the world's largest Belgian Chocolate museum

Antwerp welcomes its newest must-see attraction.

Although the entire world knows and loves Belgian chocolate, it was surprising to see that no real cross category initiative existed. Sure, there was a somewhat old-fashioned chocolate museum in Bruges, but no real modern chocolate experience.

In 2017 I joined Jeroen Jespers and Mickelle Haest in a project to realize their dream and vision to create such a innovative consumer experience in the heart of Antwerp.

In March 2019 Chocolate Nation officially opened its doors for all chocolate fans. The largest Belgian chocolate museum takes you on a magical 90' tour to the origins of cocoa, follows the journey of the cocoa beans to the port of Antwerp, a giant fantasy machine shows how chocolate is made and there is a deep dive into the chocolate history and traditions of our chocolate country.

Throughout the experience visitors can taste chocolate in its many variaties. There's a giant chocolate shop and a fine-dining restaurant to make this an unforgettable trip.

Want to find out for yourself? Get your tickets here.


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