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We all got skills...

Bijgewerkt op: 12 apr. 2019

Some of us can mimic accents, while others can teach their dogs all kinds of tricks or are experts at gargling opera’s. To sum it up, we are all good at something. And now investments too, with ING offering investments from as little as €25 per month. mortierbrigade is highlighting this reality with its first national campaign on behalf of ING Belgium. The agency uses wit to illustrate the fact that investment doesn’t have to be any harder than the things that we’re all able to do. This is demonstrated using situations that everyone can relate to.

Now that interest on savings is so low, investment could be a solution for making your money grow. Most Belgians are reluctant to invest because they believe that they need large budgets, must be investment experts or are too young. With ING, nothing could be further from the truth, because it offers investments from as little as €25 per month with investors themselves determining investment rates, risks and amounts.

In this national campaign, mortierbrigade demonstrates how easy and accessible investment is. Various characters show off their “hidden talents”, including a man teaching his dog tricks, a grandmother frightening her grandchildren with her dentures and a father beatboxing to get his child to sleep. The campaign signs off with “We are all good at something. Now investments too.

The campaign is made up of various TV & radio spots, print, banners and social media. People who are interested can visit for simulations of their individual investment plans.


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