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Media United for Love United

Bijgewerkt op: 26 apr.

During the 15th edition of Antwerp Pride, the major Flemish media groups unite to explicitly support the LGBTQIA+ community. Therefore, on August 13, numerous screen faces, voices and collaborators will join the parade through the city of Antwerp.

From 10 to 14 August, Antwerp will be the setting for the famous Antwerp Pride. After two light editions due to the corona pandemic, the famous Pride celebrates its 15th anniversary with a bang. The city of Antwerp will then experience the climax of Queertopia, a unique project for the future to which every voice in the LGBTQIA+ color palette - and beyond - can make a unique contribution.

This year, that voice will be amplified by the major media groups of Flanders. In the spirit of 'Love United' VRT, DPG Media, SBS Belgium, Mediahuis and OUTtv will celebrate Antwerp Pride together. On Saturday 13 August, a whole host of employees, voices and faces took part in the whirlwind parade in the heart of Antwerp. As a unanimous voice they support Queertopia. Antwerp Pride is a celebration of unity, so there was nothing but love between our country's media.

Media CEOs Jeroen Bronselaer (SBS), Frederik Delaplace (VRT), Koen Verwee (Mediahuis), Kris Vervaet (DPG Media) and Marc Putman (OUTtv) are united: "Although today it should go without saying that everyone is free to choose when it comes to love, faith, identity and sexuality, we want to explicitly express our support for diversity, equality and inclusion. Together with Antwerp Pride, we embrace all people. We try to reflect this warm, inclusive and positive society already today: both before and behind the scenes. There is still work to do, but it is our sincere ambition to always give a voice to all people, regardless of rank, class or creed and with respect for every talent. That doesn't feel like an obligation, it feels like an incredibly beautiful privilege."

Find out more about Antwerp Pride and Queertopia at


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