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Nostalgie is dead. Long live Play Nostalgie!

Bijgewerkt op: 1 sep. 2023

Don't say Nostalgie anymore; it's now Play Nostalgie. The radio station, which has been around for 15 years, will start with a new name from Monday, August 28, 2023, at 6 AM: Play Nostalgie. Media group Play Media is expanding its brand portfolio with a Play radio station. Earlier this year, Play Media acquired a 20% stake in the radio station. Mediahuis remains the majority shareholder with 55% of Nostalgie shares. With Play Nostalgie, media group Play Media adds an additional complementary reach to its portfolio. Alongside on-air reach through its 4 TV channels, online presence via GoPlay, and live entertainment at the Play Zuid event hall. In the latest CIM measurements, Nostalgie records a daily reach of 375,000 and a weekly reach of 856,000 listeners in Flanders and Brussels. The total reach is 1,405,000 listeners, giving Nostalgie a market share of 6.1%.

Play Nostalgie remains primarily a music station, featuring recognizable, sing-along classics from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and 2000s to today's Instant Classics. At the same time there are some significant changes both in form and content with several remarkable new names and programs. These were introduced today, Wednesday, August 23, 2023, by the various Play Nostalgie DJs in a special radio show from the Play Zuid studio in Antwerp. CEO of Play Nostalgie Tom Klerckx states:

Play Nostalgie builds upon the foundations of the refreshed Nostalgie: a feel-good music station for all generations. From classics like 'Running Up that Hill' and 'Go Your Own Way' at the top of our Top 3000 to the latest Harry Styles track in our Instant Classics Top 30. We aim to connect, surprise, and above all, ignite enthusiasm. In the day ahead, in the next two songs... Can't Stop the Feeling? Play Nostalgie!

But there is a clear win-win for Play Media too, as Play Media CEO Jeroen Bronselaer explained:

As a modern media brand in Flanders, it's important to connect with your audience in various ways, including radio. Since the beginning of this year, we have been a shareholder in Nostalgie, and we are extremely pleased that our collaboration has led to the inclusion of the broad radio station, Play Nostalgie, in our media family starting from August 28. Each brand retains its own identity, but we connect the different Play worlds and explore exciting opportunities. The Saturday morning show with a live audience from Play Zuid or our TV personalities in the Playlist on Sunday on Play Nostalgie are perfect examples of this.


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