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Shalom, Boris

Bijgewerkt op: 1 sep. 2023

To be clear: I can't take any credit for the extraordinary television documentaries 'Shalom Allemaal' (In 10 episodes, documentary maker Diederik Van den Abeele explores the previously unknown Chassidic Jewish community in Antwerp.) or 'Boris' (Bockie De Repper en Jonas Geirnaert join Jeroom Snelders on a tender and humorous road trip as he endeavors to grant his brother Boris his final resting place in Canada.). Both of these documentaries are a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of Flemish documentary makers and content creators.

In Flanders, we are truly spoilt with the highest creative density in the entire world.

Nevertheless, I like to believe that I played a small role in cultivating a company culture where such exceptional titles are given the opportunity to shine. It's not always easy to take risks in a fiercely competitive commercial television landscape. Still, Play Media is a company that embraces a spirit of daring, intelligence, and a touch of rebellion that sets us apart from the rest.

The success of 'Boris' and 'Shalom' is undoubtedly their own, but I am proud that we were able to open some eyes and deeply resonate with the soul of Flanders. At Play Media, we continue to champion originality, creativity, and the pursuit of remarkable stories that captivate and inspire our audience.


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