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The night 'De Mol' was unmasked. Live.

Bijgewerkt op: 12 sep. 2022

My client SBS Belgium is the entertainment group above the television channels Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7 and the online streaming platform GoPlay. One of the most important programs is De Mol where players must work together to complete various physical and mental challenges to build up a significant prize for the winner. One of them, however, is "De Mol", a double agent hired by the producers to sabotage the efforts of the group. He/she must be careful to avoid drawing too much suspicion to himself or herself. Using journals, players must track vast amounts of data about the person(s) they suspect of being De Mol, such as seating positions, clothing colors, minor discussion topics, and so on. The quiz at the end of each episode tests players' knowledge of De Mol, and determines by lowest score (or slowest time, in the event of a tie) who is eliminated from the game.

In its tenth season the grand finale needed to be special, so SBS and Woestijnvis organized a live event in Paleis 12 to reveal the identity of De Mol 2022 in front of 11000 spectators in Brussels and 1.200.000 viewers at home..

In the slipstream of this event, our sales colleagues of Ads&Data organized a pre-show event for the most important Belgian advertisers. It was a night to remember.


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