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Welcome at Play Zuid!

Bijgewerkt op: 13 dec. 2022

SBS Belgium is visibly evolving from a TV station to an entertainment company. Entertainment is no longer made in function of a channel, but in function of the experience of the Flemish people. The choice is up to the conscious consumer who watches TV, streams content or participates live in an event.

Play Zuid, Play's new entertainment house at Zuidpark in Antwerp, fits perfectly into this strategy. It will be a place where fans and creators meet, where there is room for live entertainment and every attention to experience.

The first events in Play Zuid are very promising. I got to write the brand promise, project manifesto and stakeholder storyteling for this incredible venue. Want to discover Play Zuid? Check the calender and info on

Antwerp Urban Trail (November 2022)

Avant-Première Fear Factor (November 2022)

Finale Klopjacht (October 2022)

SBS Belgium Quiz Night (November 2022)


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