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With respect for tradition

Bijgewerkt op: 12 sep. 2022

I recently helped kickboxing club Contact Karate Beveren with a digital transformation project. The aim was to bring the club into the digital era. And in parallel refresh the entire look&feel of the club. Two requirements: low cost and with respect of the 47 year old club's traditions.

First we worked on the look and feel of the club and defined a brand identity. Blue and yellow are the team colors (they refer to the city colors of Beveren-Waas, home town of Contact Karate Beveren). The new logo, fonts and colors allow a gradual shift with a long phase-out for existing uniforms and materials. The new graphical style alllows to make costfriendly content assets to illustrate the activities (referee exams, games, Mother's Day breakfast, top 10 ranking, etc)

The digital change came overnight: a new website and new look for the Facebook page and assets. We digitized the photo archive and started a YouTube channel with fights of Contact Karate Beveren at international events.



In parallel I made sure everything was Google friendly with a lot of attention for SEO. Since the update the organic searches give significantly better results for CKB.

This way, the club is ready for its next 47 years!


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