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Result-driven storytelling & storydoing

With over 20 years of experience in large and small companies I feel confident that I can help you. 

Regardless if you are a big brand or a start-up, faced with the challenge of a digital project, a communication campaign or a brand identity mission or employer branding ambitions it all boils down to identifying and activating purposeful and authentic stories. Stories that are relevant. Stories that captivate and activate. Stories that incite and unite.
I have the experience, tools and network to make them come alive with the right balance between storytelling and storydoing. Don't think touchpoints, campaigns or logos, think purpose. And the rest will follow.

I can help you with the following marketing/ communication services:



  • company purpose: uniqueness, heritage, vision, mission

  • brand identity: story, logo, identity, guidelines

  • employer branding

  • marketing strategy, business development, go-to-market, 

  • communication strategy

  • channel/touchpoint planning


  • creative concepts/briefings

  • funnels

  • production: graphic design, DTP, photography/film production, creative concepts, digital production

  • media/touchpoint strategy


  • copywriting

  • storytelling

  • persberichten

  • vertalen

  • blogs

  • nieuwsbrieven


Channel marketing, CRM tools, content creation/curation, measurement, analytics, digital transformation, websites, SEO, SEA, e-commerce, social media marketing.

Bridging the gap in absence of your key marcom talent.

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